Groove Grillers

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the Groove Grillers serve up a tasty menu of musical delights.
Performing an eclectic variety of material for listening and dancing, The Groove Grillers are 4 seasoned veterans of the Bay Area music scene who each bring to the band a unique musical viewpoint backed by years of performance experience. Rock, Blues, Funk, a jazzy bit here and there make the Groove Grillers an outstanding choice for musical evening. The proof is in the Grooves!

Mike Sult - Brady Fishler - Brian Vanoli - David Sugarman

The Groove Grillers
Upcoming gig: Sinaloa Cafe, Morgan Hill - 6-9pm Aug 5, 2017 [17535 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, 95037 (408) 779-9740]